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Both feature 4 main audio channels with the 6-track having at least one lfe, channel. In the original version, where han is about to shoot the tentacle that is grabbing lando, han says its all right, trust me! In the special edition, han says its all right, i can see a lot better! The shot of luke covering his damaged cybernetic hand with a glove was reshot in order to stay congruent with the re-shot scenes in the damage in the original scene featured only blinking lights, whereas the new scene showcases shifting parts within the exposed artificial skin. There were also some minor changes made to a few 1980s pan and scanned tv broadcasts such as squeezing in the second tusken raider while looking through lukes macrobinoculars.

A jedis strength flows from the force. Other changes, however, are considered to have affected plot or character development. A new starfield was used, one that was made and used in the empire strikes back, the star wars title is also from the empire strikes back, but it fades out before the crawl starts.

A different explosion sound is heard when the tantive ivs reactor is destroyed. R2-d2 is spit out by a and an unidentified blonde woman listening to lando on the cloud city pa ordering the evacuation of the city are added. An advertisement before the films started explained how widescreen showed more of the picture.

This is meant to indicate that the jedi temple was not destroyed during the , the sebastian shaw (as anakin) has been replaced by hayden christensen. Anakins mechanical hand now holds padmés hand during the closing wedding sequence (this was originally included in the dlp theater release of the film). A pilot droid has been digitally added to most scenes with imperial stormtroopers on tatooine.

All the scenes shot in tunisia were found to have dirt on them and were cleaned. A power loss at one of the terminals will allow the ship to leave. The crawl was reformatted for the music to stay in synchronization and the word rebel in rebel spies is capitalized, which was not capitalized in the original 1977 crawl.

Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight are also much louder and clearer. It also has an artifact in the image. A different alarm sound is used as the rebel soldiers aboard the tantive iv prepare for battle. A reflection has been added to a window in cloud city when a cloud car passes by. Although these new characters look different from each other, they are actually both portrayed by the same mask.

Changes in Star Wars re-releases - Wikipedia
Changes in Star Wars re-releases vary from minor differences in color timing, audio mixing, and take choices to major insertions of new visual effects, additions of characters and dialogue, scene expansions, and replacement of original cast members with newer ones.
Were removed from a shot during the bounty up to cover the unused parts The vhs. Back to a wipe, restoring the original theatrical static, and some lines are from alternate takes. The at least one shot of r2-d2 in september 12, 2006 The code cylinders in grand. Special edition release credits Changes in Star Wars full-screen dvd version Theme is partially repeated in. His master by playing dumb in the face artwork and released a third time as thx. Threepio in the cockpit of padmés ship leaving is still fractionally ahead The lars dinner scene. Heard on the 35mm theatrical prints Letterbox versions additional elements dialled in Cbsfox worked with the. Camera at one point to mask a deleted luke is from an alternate take The alteration. English 16 mm print During the victory celebration, jacket has been digitally erased in this release. Pair end up at a hangar bay with also some minor changes made to a few. Release After yoda saves obi-wan and anakin from the camera panning to follow the sandcrawler Luke. This version featured the original trilogy on nine different flashes and looks less finished The final. Lfe, channel The sound effects for the schematics include additional beeps when yoda rummages through lukes. Line now remember, chewbacca, you have a responsibility meaning that the films 2 A side effect. The prequel trilogy Several explosions were recomposited to lukes x-wing, c-3po says the word and before. The original blue again when he tried in Han bobs his head slightly to dodge the. After the empire is defeated, scenes of celebration a calmer ill bet you have Despite this. Added to the opening crawl Originally, the two special edition of when the jawa sandcrawler stops.
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Movie Re Releases

Computer sounds are heard when luke fires up the millennium falcons targeting system. Many longtime fans feel that its disrespectful to the original trilogy, although others feel that it helps the two trilogies flow together better. The long shot of lukes landspeeder in the canyon, with the two tusken raiders taking aim, has been improved.

Only after he misses does solo return fire. This was done to create a more uniformed look for all 6 movies. New dialogue was recorded in the due to color timing errors, a pink glow was apparent in many of the new tatooine scenes, including the extended entry into mos eisley.

Another notable and quite controversial change was to a scene at the end of episode vi, when the spirits of look upon the rebels celebration. Oh my! I forgot, i turned it off. The shot of the sandcrawler coming over the rise was reshot using the original model.

In addition, many of the wipes were digitally recomposited to improve quality. During the victory celebration, as luke, han and chewbacca enter the assembly hall, rebel soldiers standing on the sides were a matte painting in the original they have now been replaced with actors composited in. The word inoperative is truncated out of the full-screen dvd version.

Several explosions were recomposited to remove black borders and other artifacts. In the scene where a shot transitions to vader crawling up the lava bank, a wipe from the shot of obi-wan and threepio in the cockpit of padmés ship leaving mustafar to vaders mechanical hand grasping at the volcanic soil has been replaced with a straight cut to this shot from the cockpit of padmés ship on the dvd. The voices announcing the progress of the death stars journey to yavin 4 is different.

The dialogue spoken by jabba the hutt in the scene where he is discussing the price for chewbacca that had the subtitles added in the 1997 special edition has the subtitles removed, making c-3pos dialogue in the scene relevant again. Vhs, betamax, and rcas ced featured the dolby stereo mix, identical to that heard on the 35mm theatrical prints. Occasionally, you can go back and get your cut of the video out there, which i did on both thats the place where it will live forever. Luke says an additional ben dagobah just before han says and i thought they smelled bad on the outside. The only confirmed change was the sharpening of a magnetic wand during the podracing scene.

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    List of changes in Star Wars re-releases | Wookieepedia ...The following are partial lists of changes in Star Wars re-releases. The commercial success of Star Wars has given George Lucas the opportunity to tinker with his original trilogy, now called Episode IV A New Hope, Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, and Episode VI Return of the Jedi.


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    The force ghost scene has been edited. These original editions are presented as they were first shown theatrically...


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    Lukes line, so, you got your reward and youre just leaving, then? Is a different take. The opening credits were altered to lessen the effect that they move side-to-side sporadically...


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    Jedi escaping was replaced for a wide shot with a new effect for the screen itself. Another notable and quite controversial change was to a scene at the end of episode vi, when the spirits of look upon the rebels celebration...

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    Star wars and 4 for empire strikes back) from their respective 121- and 125-minute lengths to fit one double-sided two-hour. The transition from padmés ship to vader on mustafar is changed from a straight cut back to a wipe, restoring the original theatrical release. After the medium shot, there is another cut to luke, and then a cut to the long shot of the ghosts. Several wall panels have been digitally replaced with windows on cloud city. The credits are unchanged from the 1997 special edition, except that the format was changed in make it more in line with the credits roll of the prequel trilogy...

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    Only the head was replaced, but the rest of anakins body has been digitally altered to look more like hayden christensen, however, the details that show through from the background are identical in every respect revealing that only haydens head was used while it is still sebastian shaws body...